Welcome to CBPN.io, the Cloud Best Practices Network

As the headline describes our community is intended for Cloud computing service providers and consultants, built on three core foundations:

1An Expert Community - Cloud computing experts share best practice insights through blogs, library pages and ebooks.
2Social SEO Marketing - The site is built on a social community platform, offering Linkedin type features such as connections, status updates and follows, and operates a deep, site-wide SEO indexing system that is applied across user profiles and content postings to maximize search engine visibility.
3A Solutions Marketplace - A Vendor Directory showcases profiles of Cloud companies and combined with the Services Store for listing professional consulting engagements combine to offer an overall Solutions Marketplace.

The base level of Membership is free and enables visitors to sign up and participate in the site forums. Commercial upgrades are then available, to progress to an Expert level of member which caters for #1 and #2, and then a Vendor level for #3.

Open sourcing best practices

Our core toolset and overall ethos is one of enabling 'open sourcing of best practices', primarily refering to the use of Github as a repository for sharing and updating downloadable resource packages, ie best practices.

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