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Buoyant – TCP/IP of Microservices

In this InfoQ interview Buoyant describe their technology goal as becoming 'the TCP/IP of microservices'.

Plumbing for Cloud Native Computing

Previously engineers at Twitter founders William Morgan and Oliver Gould, have built a platform on Finagle, deployed in production at Twitter, for the underlying 'plumbing' of microservices communications, so that developers are freed from having to worry about this level of operations.

As the TCP/IP comparison suggests the goal is to provide a messaging layer that handles the huge increase in traffic generated by a shift to microservices, where service discovery and communications between apps is outside of a monolith structure, and happening on a huge scale.

Buoyant's 'Linkerd' technology handles the mechanics of these exchanges in the same way IP does for network packets, but with traffic instead being service requests, enabling a 'service mesh' for microservices.

Earliest adopters were payments processors and banks like Monzo and Zooz, and industry business development includes joining the Cloud Native Foundation.


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Cloud Native Toolchains

A review of enterprise options for building integrated Cloud Native devops toolchains.

  • Decoupling communication mechanics from application code, allowing you visibility and control over these mechanics without changing the application itself.
  • Drop-in service discovery - Integrates with most service discovery systems, decoupling applications from specific implementations. Runs as a transparent proxy alongside existing applications, integrates with existing infrastructure.
  • Runtime traffic routing - Provides dynamic, scoped, logical routing rules, enabling blue-green deployments, staging, canarying, failover, and more. Latency-aware load-balancing: Balances request traffic using real-time performance, reducing tail latencies across your application.
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