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From Canvas to Blueprint – Building Digital Transformation Roadmaps

Presentations from Boeing and ABN AMRO describing how to utilize Business Architecture to evolve new venture and product ideas from concept stage through an evolving maturity journey that progressively addresses complex, enterprise transformation requirements, how to progress 'From Canvas to Blueprint'.

Best Practice References

  1. Using Business Architecture for Strategy Planning 1) - OMG presentation from ABN AMRO.
  2. Using Business Architecture to Realize Your Target Operating Model 2) - Business Architecture Guild presentation from Boeing.

From Idea to Canvas

Having sketched out your world changing new business idea on a napkin, the most popular tool for expanding it to a next level of business plan detail is the Business Model Canvas.

This 'idea to canvas' approach can be used in large enterprise organizations as well as startups, and it's that scenario which highlights the core focus of this article - How to then evolve from this first canvas stage to a second more detailed business model, one defined in Business Architecture terms and assets.

Enterprise organizations can work at this high level, brainstorming-centric first level, indeed it's an ideal starting point for articulating executive strategy, which can then be devolved to teams through this lifecycle process.

From Canvas to Blueprint

Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture

With the goal of addressing an enterprise scenario than an immediate question to ask is about the relationship between Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture.

This presentation Aligning Business Architecture to TOGAF takes on this question, exploring the specific connect with TOGAF and making a number of key mappings, in particular how BA designs like Capability Maps can be transposed on to EA designs such as a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

The ABN Amro presentation Using Business Architecture for Strategy Planning is also very informative, both as a primer to Business Architecture and also because it explores this question in detail, providing a mapping explanation to all the main EA best practice & deliverables, including the DM Bok, Biz Bok, IFW, TOGAF, and also the Business Model Canvas. It encompasses governance and team models, such as how Principle Architects organize the Architecture Review Board, in companion with Solution Architects and Business Advisors.

Canvas to Capability Maps

The ABN Amro presentation also defines the core principle of evolving 'from canvas to blueprint', an end result they describe as their Capability Map, explaining how this occurs within their design process on slide 16:

They utilized the high level Business Model Canvas as a set of high level Strategic Goals, and then cascaded these down through more detailed systems analysis. They inventoried their own capabilities, scorecarding them across nine Value Propositions, to ensure they were prioritizing the right work to meet the defined Strategic Goals.

TOM: Target Operations Model

Another BA resource that also defines this same component journey within their design process is Boeing, in this presentation: Using Business Architecture to Realize Your Operating Model.

In this excellent slide deck they also describe this deepening process of expanding a business model canvas into a detailed operating model, and producing a more involved set of documentation to achieve this detail.

This enables an organization to master the complexity involved through the toolsets and templates that make up BA planning, such as Value Stream Mapping, all headlined under the goal of building the 'TOM' - Target Operating Model, or Target Organization Model.

The TOM is the end result that every one agrees on, from the Canvas downwards so that these priorities can be transposed on lower levels of work, and guided by an overall organization and service design model.

Value Stream Mapping

On slide 21 they show how a process of Value Stream Mapping defines the new service models, such as a Field Service Request, and how they would identify the new and amended features that would be required.

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