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Complete your Membership Profile

Once registered, and depending on your Membership Level, you will have options to update your Member Profile page, your 'home page' for your account here on the site.

Post status updates

After you log in your default starting point is your own Member Profile page, where the home page option is your Status Updates - You can share links to articles, see updates from others you follow, updates from your Groups, and so forth.

Edit your profile

Your CBPN Profile is your 'resume for the Cloud industry', providing you a Home Page URL such as

This provides a home page for your status updates relevant to the Cloud field, and you can also further edit the Membership Profile, the resume part:

  1. Click on Profile
  2. Select Edit
  3. Select the section you want to edit, eg Expert Profile

Membership Services

Your CBPN Membership Level determines what fields are available for you to edit:


  • Name
  • Email Subscription


  • Web site


  • Executive Summary
  • Expertise SEO Profile
  • Linkedin page


  • Category: Software, Hardware, Consultant, Service Provider

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