Going Cloud Native

A lgorithms for High Performance DevOps

Cloud Native is the emergent term used by tech giants like VMware, Google and many others to describe an new approach to software design and deployment.

New delivery technologies like containers, combined with a microservices software architecture, makes possible much higher DevOps throughput rates, increasing the frequency of new software innovation releases and accelerating digital transformation.

Table of Contents

This ebook provides a complete executive summary of the trend, covering:

1Born on the Cloud - How Cloud Native business models are leaner and faster than their legacy competition, and able to be highly disruptive to their industries.
2Cloud Native computing - An overview of containers, serverless computing and virtual network functions, the building blocks of the Cloud Native capability.
3Microservices - The evolution of software engineering, a shift away from single large monoliths instead to suites of modular microservices.
4DevOps Toolchains - Implementing high velocity software innovation through the best  permutation of integrated tools for your organization.
5High Performance Algorithms - How to leverage manufacturing best practices to optimize work throughput rates and achieve high performance.
6Enterprise Transformation - Defining the adoption of Cloud Native as a foundation for an overall Enterprise Cloud transformation.

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