Digital Business Architecture

Executive Overview

Digital Business Architecture refers to the specific use of Business Architecture best practices for planning and managing Digital Transformations, based on referenced case study presentations from experts such as Credit Suisse, Mastercard and ABN Amro.

Table of Contents

1From Canvas to Blueprint - Start from ideas and Business Model Canvas planning, and expand into Business Architecture.
2Agile Business Architecture - Augment your Agile software practices with Business Architecture, defined by Mastercard.
3How to achieved manage development through a central Architecture Driven Transformation approach.
4Application Architecture Roadmap - Develop an Architecture and Migration Roadmap, based on Credit Suisse best practices.
5Cloud Solution Design - How all of these practices can be wrapped in a client engagement process, utilizing Microsoft recommendations.

Digital Roadmap Toolchains

A Digital Transformation Roadmap is your organization's Digital strategy, encoded into online Cloud Applications that can manage product innovation lifecycles, software release management and other activities key to turning ideas into online and operational solutions.

Each section explains what role those skills and best practices can play in formulating the roadmap.

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