Digital Transformation Roadmaps

As the name suggests Digital Transformation Roadmaps (DTRs) are a structured form of Strategic Planning, intended to map out the steps you plan to take to implement your Digital Strategy.

First, to galvanize and organize the front end of a Digital initiative the IT organization needs a Roadmap. As this IT Business article describes businesses often lack a cohesive roadmap to set out where they are headed or how they plan to get there, exascerbating a situation of also lacking CEO and senior executive Digital leadership.

Therefore establishing a Roadmap initiative begins formally setting this direction and then much more effectively concentrate investments into the best digital service innovations.

Digital Roadmap Toolchains

One or more applications can be used to implement your roadmap, and so we call this combination a 'toolchain'. This is a popular term used by software developers to describe an integrated suite so that their end-to-end lifecycle is entirely automated, and similarly for a goal of turning strategy into action this type of integration is also desirable and possible.

SaaS options like and Uservoice provide slick tools for capturing Requirements and organizing these into Roadmaps made up of Releases. They also integrate with Github so that a complete end-to-end product lifecycle is possible, from idea and planning through deliverables and deployment:

This integrated 'toolchain' makes possible a closed loop lifecycle for managing your Digital strategy from conception through delivery:

Digital Roadmap Lifecycle
  1. Establish your digital strategy, goals and product priorities.
  2. Build a web portal and capture user and customer ideas and feedback.
  3. Prioritize ideas into Features based on your product priorities.
  4. Schedule work and produce timeline roadmap reports.
  5. Synchronize roadmap with Github repo and drive work loads.
  6. Report back through Agile Backlog Dashboards.
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