NFV Digital Operator

This Solution Guide details the NFVaaS solution scenario -

How the 'Cloud Native' trend is impacting the Telco sector, through NFV 'as a Service' transformations that enable new Digital Provider models.

As Mobile Europe reports network operator 3 is 'Going Cloud Native' with Nokia, and Light Reading describes how AT&T are clamouring for more 'Cloud Native VNF' suppliers, open sourcing their core NFV platform to accelerate adoption.

NFVaaS Definition
Network Function Virtualization, as a Service.

Open Source NFV - The AT&T Story

A headline theme of this sector is the quickening of a central open source platform for NFV deployment, that also showcases the central innovation leadership role AT&T has emerged to play.

Beginning with AT&T open sourcing their own in-house, core 'ECOMP' platform, this has since accelerated into a consolidating ecosystem, with ECOMP merging with Open-O to form a new 'ONAP' - Open Network Automation Platform.

Network DevOps

Network DevOps describes the idea of applying Enterprise DevOps practices to the network environment, reusing the same 'toolchains' and working practices but applied to virtualized networking functions.

The TMF describe the transition as going from 'NetOps to DevOps', highlighting the shift from traditional legacy equipment to a new virtualized software world, a new world that defines the details of the desired target model, the 'Future Mode of Operations'.

  • Cloud Native Networking - Implementing containers and microservices.
  • Agile PLM - Linking Continuous Deployment to product innovation and planning.

From Legacy to Agile Operations - The NTT Communications case study provides an easily digestible summary of this transformation, describing how they make use of a DevOps 'toolchain' formed through a suite of apps including Ansible, Github and Docker.

It also described the limitations of what tools only can achieve, and how a broader organizational transformation is needed to fully realize the anticipated benefits of DevOps.

Maturity model driven transformation

A blueprint of industry resources including maturity models that provide a roadmap for transformation.


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