Government as a Platform

In Chapter 2 of Open Government Tim O'Reilly first coins the term Government as a Platform, describing how traditional IT for government should become more like Facebook, Twitter and the other Internet pioneers who have been harnessing the evolution of the Cloud to become 'platforms', doing so for government would enable a shared infrastructure that enables more rapid digital transformations.

Since then countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Estonia and others have all begun implementation of some or all of the GaaP principles, and the purpose of this guide is to document each of these into this one central reference guide and blueprint.

Table of Contents

Digital Government Best Practices

The overall context for this design is to help government agencies adopt Digital Government best practices, including:

  • Accelerating software innovation rates to offer more digital services.
  • Advanced business transformation guides and models.
  • Standardizing procurement and development best practices.
  • Accessing the latest technologies faster, such as the Blockchain.

Platform Architecture and Vendor Reviews

  • Blueprint architecture guids for implementing a GaaP model
  • Associated vendor analysis, for service and solution options, such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry.


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