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IBM – Enterprise DevOps Maturity Model and Rational Collective toolchain

As well as their own Cloud hosting services IBM offers a suite of enterprise software tools including those for implementing DevOps practices, at enterprise scale.

Maturity Model

This includes a series of maturity model resources that are one part of a series describing enabling an overall 'Journey to Continuous Deployment'.

Their articles address a scope that includes pre-planning for adoption of DevOps as well as a maturity model for the DevOps capabilities and operations too.

The core organizational DevOps maturity scales are defined as:

Enterprise Cloud Maturity
  • Practiced - Some ad-hoc team adoption but no enterprise standards.
  • Consistent - Modest adoption of a central set of standards.
  • Reliable - Full adoption of a set of standards with well defined support.
  • Scaled - Enables a broader organizational capability of Continuous Innovation.

Recipe for DevOps Adoption

In this presentation IBM lay out a Prescription for DevOps Adoption, a four step process of:

  1. Identify key pain points
  2. Assess current capabilities
  3. Produce heat maps
  4. Establish a roadmap

Scorecards and Roadmaps

This exercise can be guided by an overall goal of defining an Enterprise DevOps team program headlined by the implementing a Scorecard system, the application of a Balanced Scorecard Framework to the software development workload.

IBM's practice leader describes how in this article., explaining that it links software practices to specific Business Goals, such as 'Faster Time to Market' and/or 'Asset Utilization', as part of establishing an overall performance framework.

Value Stream Mapping

How best to optimize software development can be identified through a Lean process of 'Value Stream Mapping', as described in this IBM article.

DevOps for Bluemix

In this presentation IBM describe the implementation of DevOps best practices on their Bluemix toolset.

Continuous Delivery Maturity Model

In this paper IBM also describe a maturity model for Continuous Delivery best practices, as well as one based from the UrbanCode site.

Rational Collaborative

IBM offers a suite of software products intended for the DevOps scenario, including Application Deployment and Lifecycle Management, as well as those for Application Monitoring, Quality Testing and also Project Management.

IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management is an application lifecycle management solution that includes IBM Rational Team Concert™, IBM Rational DOORS® Next Generation and IBM Rational Quality Manager products. The inclusion and integrations of these products in one solution delivers requirements management, quality management, change and configuration management and project planning and tracking capabilities on a single platform, enabling:

  • Real-time planning designed to link plans to actual work and improve time to delivery.
  • Lifecycle traceability to gain insights, make better decisions and improve software delivery management and predictability.
  • In-context collaboration about designs, requirements, plans, code and tasks to make better decisions from a single source of the truth.
  • Development intelligence to set measurable goals and track them easily.
  • Continuous improvement to provide incremental improvement and breakthrough improvement through automation and reuse of best practices.
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