Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is an all encompassing term that covers any and all scenarios of migrating some form of legacy IT or business process to a modernized Cloud equivalent.

This could include scenarios such as:

  • One-off adoption of a SaaS tool by the Marketing department.
  • Transition from in-house Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps for email and collaboration.
  • 'As is' migration of legacy business software to move it from aged hardware to a new hosting platform.
  • Migration and wholesale transformation of the software too, as part of a major Digital strategy.

Overview and Scope - Digital Transformation and Cloud Solution Design

Therefore we can see that the first step in Cloud Migration is a triage that identifies how complex the exercise may be, beginning a process of Cloud Solution Design.

It may be a simple exercise, a repeatable process that can even be automated by tools and where the main requirement is user training, for scenarios such as Google email migrations, where the biggest challenge is their work habits embedded into the prior Microsoft tools.

As the scope expands into one or more Line of Business systems the scope expands into more of a complex transformation and requires more pre-planning, development of technical architecture documents and so forth.

This planning is catered for through the skills and processes of Digital Business Architecture.

Cloud Migration Journeys

Following this scope planning and decision making, this section focuses specifically on techniques and tools for the process of migrating applications to the Cloud, in the form of standardized scenario templates 'Cloud Migration Journeys'.

CIOs share migration lessons learned.

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