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Nirmata: “Application Dockerization” – Netflix OSS Recipe for SaaS Ventures

Nirmata is a highly scalable, always-on, cloud service that fully automates the delivery and management of cloud applications.

In this blog Nirmata descripe a recipe for implementing some of the Netflix OSS suite, from a particular perspective of a SaaS Entrepreneur.

Most notably they define a core SaaS Startup Recipe made up of:

  • Gateway Service: Zuul
  • Registry Service: Eureka
  • Dynamic Properties: Archaius
  • REST client: Ribbon

Application Dockerization

They describe how they decided upon the best recommendations for a profile of these modules by building their own SaaS, via an approach they describe as "Application Dockerization":

We developed our own layer of service orchestration on top of Docker. Orchestration of microservices, combined with the choice of Docker as the delivery vehicle for microservices, proved to be a winning solution.

In particular they highlight the benefits of this approach to the SaaS Entrepreneur:

There is also a very interesting side effect to using containerization: cost saving. We use AWS to deploy our various SaaS environments: development, test, staging and production. Nirmata’s orchestration can use a placement policy to pack multiple containers on one single AWS instance. It represents hundreds of dollars of saving at the end of each month. Quite interesting for any cost sensitive business.


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