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The building block of the site content agenda is the Expert Review Blog.

As the name suggests the primary goal is a synopsis review of an existing best practice reference material, either through linking to the article or embedding it directly in the blog, achieved simply by pasting the link into the article content.


You can embed:

Slideshare presentations

Youtube videos

Review Articles

You can then follow the reference link/embed with your own thoughts and summary analysis.

After the content editing section is an option for selecting the 'Post Type'. Changing it from the default to a 'Review' type of blog will add a further editing section, for defining the criteria for a Review Section. This is where the author and community members can comment in the form of a review grading.

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    CBPN Admin Vendor February 26, 2017 at 2:20 pm
    Review Criteria

    Overall a very informative and helpful video tutorial.

    + PROS: It was an awesome video.
    - CONS: Could have been more detailed in key sections.
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