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Promotional Blogs

The site operates an e-commerce platform that provides Vendor Members with their own store, where they can offer Services for sale.

How To

The first step is to Register on the site. Then the User Login button (located in the top right section of the screen) provides the main starting point for all actions on the site.

Once you have signed up it will then present these additional options:

Submit and Manage Your Posts

The option to 'Submit a Post' will begin your blog editing process, and you save them as Drafts, returning to them later via the 'Edit My Posts' option.

Regular blogging

The first point to highlight is that there are two different types of blogs you can post: Promotional Blogs, and also 'regular' blogs.

As the name suggests a Promotional Blog is specifically intended for some kind of product pitch, and adds pricing, coupons, follow up links and so forth.

A Promotional Blog is activated simply by completing the associated form fields when submitting your blog. If you don't add anything in this section, then it will appear just as a regular blog.

Promotional Blogs

Expert Members are able to submit regular blog postings, and these can be further augmented with product and service promotions, as this example demonstrates.

Promotional Blog

Ad-hoc submission of promotional blogs

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