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Rancher – How Containers Will Usher in a New Era of Cloud Computing

Sheng Liang, CEO of Rancher, offers a presentation that describes - How Containers Will Usher in a New Era of Cloud Computing.

In this insightful presentation Sheng identifies core industry trends as impacted by and defining the latest best practices:

Executive Insights
  • A lot of VM and IaaS features are being absorbed into the container technology stack. The permutations possible of running containers on VMs, or vice versa, is so plentiful now that a general convergence is happening.
  • Flat container networking. A recipe for addressing the 'double overlay' problem of operating two network connections.


The Rancher Catalog provides an easy to use interface that simplifies deploying Docker-based applications. Using a catalog entry it becomes simple to deploy complex applications such as Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Hadoop, as well as tools like etcd and zookeeper, storage services like GlusterFS, and databases like MongoDB.

With Rancher, organizations can accelerate all aspects of their software development pipeline, from writing and testing code to running complex microservices-based applications.

RancherOS is a minimalist Linux distribution perfect for running Docker containers. By running Docker directly on top of the kernel and delivering Linux services as containers, RancherOS delivers just what you need to build what you want.


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Cloud Native Toolchains

Summary Text

  • Container Management Platform:
  • Part of a Github-based Cloud Native toolchain - Rancher integrates with the OAuth Identity layer, so that you can mirror team models from Github through their platform, for managing Docker instances.
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