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Solution Guide Blueprint: Mobile Enterprise

The goal of the Library is a catalogue of ebooks for a spectrum of 'XaaS'-based scenarios, defined through a mix of business case analysis, transformation planning and technical architecture so that they act as complete Solution Guides for that scenario.

Guides are formed through synthesizing a number of key industry best practice documents, that provide the reference models for that scenario.

For example we reference the CSCC's Mobile Enterprise blueprint guide for this scenario.

The guide isn't intended as a detailed solution analysis, it doesn't explore industry specific scenarios such as digital cheque deposits for example. Rather it defines a high level functional break down of any general mobile app scenario.

Mobile Enterprise - Capability Map

The CSCC Mobile Enterprise guide defines the following required Cloud Capabilities:

Mobile Components

  • App Dev & SDKs. Management Agent, Offline Capabilities.

Public Network Components

  • DNS, Firewall, CDN and Load Balancers, Multiple Provider Network.

Provider Cloud Service Components

Mobile Gateway

  • Authentication/Authorization.

Mobile Backend

  • API Implementation, Push Notifications, Location Services.
  • Mobile Business Applications: Campaign Management, Workflow Rules.

Mobile Business Applications

  • Proximity Services and Analytics.
  • Campaign Management.

Mobile Device Management

  • Enterprise App Distribution, Mobile Device Security.
  • Data Services: Mobile App Database.
  • Security Services: Identity and Access Management, Data & Application Protection.

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