Solutions Network - Cloud Solutions Network

The primary purpose of the site is to act as a catalogue of repeatable Cloud Solutions, organized around standardized 'XaaS' blueprints, shared through Github repositories and published to the EBook Library, covering a variety of industry and business needs.

Recipe Playbooks - Github Best Practices

Solution Guides provide a 'playbook' for a particular industry or business need scenario, formed through a collection of 'Recipe Blogs'.

Recipe Blogs combine the How To with the required software so that you can repeat the best practices they describe, including a direct, embedded link to the associated Github repository, so you can download the resource from within the article.

For example Accenture Open Source DevOps. lists their repo:

Repo Guides

Detailed best practice guides are built around especially useful repositories, for example the Netflix OSS suite represents both a milestone in the evolution of Cloud application design patterns, and also makes available those components via open source.

Solution Blueprint

This common XaaS approach enables a best practice-based 'Cloud Solution Design' process, notably 'Cloud Pattern Matching', mapping specific business functionality requirements to enabling Cloud services across an IaaS, PaaS and SaaS landscape.

  • Transformation Scenarios - How has that technology been applied to achieve a major Digital business model or capability? What ROI and TCO models have been identified?
  • Cloud Components - What configuration of Cloud services are needed to implement the solution.

Solution Roadmap Requirements

The site acts as a solutions library, cataloguing innovative new capacities that the Cloud makes possible via 'Recipes', and also capturing future-looking technical and product needs, in the form of 'Roadmap Requirements'.

As well as documenting best practices from our industry research, we also identify future looking innovation requirements, which is then channelled into product roadmaps associated with our EBook Solutions Library.

  • An industry-wide product roadmap plan for that solution scenario
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