Digital Transformation Roadmap

The purpose of is a knowledge base, a catalogue of reusable templates and best practice guides, for Cloud Migration projects intended to drive Digital Transformation. 

Many organizations will see a clear value in modernizing their older IT systems to new Cloud-based solutions that bring enhanced Digital capabilities, however many organizations especially smaller ones will find this an overly daunting challenge, given their own lack of experience of the transition, the confusing industry terminology and multitude of possible 'XaaS' options.

Digital Transformation Blueprints

Therefore the goal of the site is a catalogue of 'Roadmap Blueprint modules', migration journeys that are the equivalent of 'here's one we made earlier', the expertise of others made accessible through best practice templates.

Based on real-world case studies from across a spectrum of organizations including Netflix, Credit Suisse, Mastercard, BT and others, this process distills their lessons learned into a 'recipe' of best practices for others to repeat, from business model right through the details of software used and XaaS implementation models.

These are offered in a modular form, intended for a variety of journeys for organizations of different sizes and at different stages of maturity and adoption, so that you can assemble your own customized Roadmap plan.

Services are available for building your roadmap.

Services are available for building your own roadmap.

Accelerate your own migration planning and digital transformation through leveraging proven expertise of cutting edge and blue-chip pioneers, for..

Statement of Work
  • Define a CIO & Board ready Digital Strategy plan, including presentation materials, roadmap and costings.
  • Build Roadmaps - Collect User Story requirements and build Product Backlogs.
  • Define a Cloud Migration Plan - Costing models for popular service options like AWS, Azure and Google.
  • Industry Accelerators - Blueprints for SaaS Entrepreneurs.
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