Cloud Native DevOps

Cloud Native Toolchains

This roadmap details best practices and vendor tools for 'Going Cloud Native', adopting technologies and working practices such as microservices, containers and Continuous Deployment, focusing on how key technologies provide the foundations for DevOps models, such as Github Toolchains.

Vendor showcases their vision for the trends overall as well as specific product capabilities, such as Rancher describing how containers will user in a new era of computing.

High Performance DevOps

As our NTT Communications case study highlights, toolchains alone will not achieve overall business transformation, there are also required dimensions of organizational and process change.

On slide 23 showing their future plans and challenges, they highlight how they reached the celiing limits of what toolchains alone can achieve:

  • "Each section has its own Agile environment.
  • Difficult to promote collaboration over the sections."

In other words tools can only solve tool-related problems - Those created by organizational boundaries et al therefore need organizational level solutions.

Solutions DevOps Ecosystems

DevOps describes the fusion of previously separate departments of Software Development and Infrastructure Operations, and usually the scope of this scenario is just for one organization.

In contrast 'Solution DevOps' is defined through the same working practices being applied, but with a different scope of the participation of multiple organizations as part of a partnering ecosystem, and a lifecycle design focus on Solutions, not Software.

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