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The site operates an integrated social media and e-commerce platform that provides Vendor Members, Consulting and Service providers who deliver Cloud Solutions, with their own store, like mine, where they can post multiple Services into the Marketplace, and promote them through expert content like blogs and ebooks.

The core mechanic is a best practice linked agenda, so for example Services are indexed by categories like Cloud Migration, and there is also a headline blog category for AWS Best Practices.

The overall goal is a Cloud Solutions capability and catalogue of pre-developed offerings, tailoring expertise for specific scenarios and industries such as Telco NFV and Government as a Platform.

Individual consultants like myself tend to specialize in one part of the overall Cloud Migration journey, such as the early Strategy and Readiness Assessment phase that I cover, and so for complete, end-to-end customer solutions other services are needed for later stages, such as implementation on AWS. Vendor Membership: Co-marketing Plan

Therefore the core business model and benefits for Vendor Members is proactive matching into these solution combinations, and their ongoing promotions. For each Vendor Member we construct a tailored marketing plan, one that promotes them individually while also generating demand for their main categories like Cloud Migration and AWS for example.

These plans are executed through the platform which offers a plethora of content marketing and campaign support tools, such as Download Registrations, Webinar Events and more.. A campaign featuring a combination of these tools + a content agenda is formed and implemented for each Vendor, and as part of a collaboration with other Vendor members, further maximizing industry partnering benefits.

Vendor Membership is currently operated on a free-to-join, shared revenue partner model. Membership is restricted only to those providers of consulting and technical services for the Cloud marketplace, it's not a general purpose IT catalogue but a specific solutioning network built around XaaS deployment models.

Within that scope of suppliers all are welcome, and for each we build one of these tailored Co-Marketing Membership Plans.

How To Join..

The first step is to Register on the site. Be sure to remember to check the 'Apply for Vendor' membership box.

Then the User Login button (located in the top right section of the screen) provides the main starting point for all actions on the site.

Once you have signed up it will then present these additional options:

  • Submit and Edit your blog posts to the site
  • Edit your Member Profile
  • Manage your Shop

Manage your Shop

Selecting Manage your Shop will take you to the Vendor Dashboard, where you can see all your ongoing Sales and Commissions etc.

To submit a new Service to the marketplace:

1) Add a new product:

2) Complete the two product description sections.

3) Set the i) product type to Simple Product, ii) Add a price and iii) Submit for Review:

We will then review the product and if accepted it will be published, showing in your own store and also in the marketplace.

* Note you do not have to select the Store name or tag the product, we will do this as part of the review process.

Services can then be promoted via Promotional Blogs.

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